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Carpet services provided by Beam's Carpet & Flooring in Carlisle, PA


There are many different types of carpet.  From various fibers, styles and weights to different patterns, colors and textures.  Some people know what they want as soon as they see it; others need to know all the specifics.  No matter which type of person you are, we are here to help every step of the way.

Types of carpets we carry

Carpet is first differentiated by the fiber.  There are three main types of residential carpets fibers: nylon, polyester and triexta.  Here at Beam’s our main focus in on the Mohawk Triexta line.  Here is why:

Nylon is a very durable fiber that can aid in the longevity of your carpet, but it has one main downfall.  It contains microscopic dye spots in the fibers.  These spaces can take on and lose color.  This means it could possibly stain and fade over time.

Polyester does not have these dye spots, therefore making it naturally resistant to stains and fading, but it is not necessarily as durable and strong of a fiber as nylon.

Triexta is a great balance between these two.  Think of it as a carrot verses a radish.  With a radish, the color is just on the outside.  This is the way stain fighters are topically applied to nylon and polyester carpets.  Just on the outside of the fiber, leaving the rest unprotected.  Triexta takes that same stain fighting ability and engineers it into the fiber.  So, like the carrot’s color, this stain fighter goes the whole way through the fiber.  This carpet, known to us as SmartStrand, is as stain proof as you will get on the market today.

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